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It's A Process - Time To Do The Work

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Small business owner working from home on laptop
Entrepreneurship Lifestyle

So, I started a business. This was the easy part; the hard work came when I had to sit down and open myself up to the knowledge that, I may know what I was doing but, there was always more to learn that could help me as I forge ahead into these unexpected waters.

The fact is that many people have great ideas and, wonderful intentions but, very few people take the time needed to learn what the process entails and, follow the steps necessary to at least open the door to success. True, there are those people that get an idea, run with it and it turns into a multi-million-dollar business. Where this is possible, the realistic nature of business is that situations like that are few and far between, and often a result of...

  1. High market demand for that product or service

  2. The product/service was seen by the right people (interested investors), at the right time

  3. A void in the market that the product/service filled at the right time

I don’t know about you, but that was not a roll of the dice I was willing to make. So I chose to do the work. But I did not have the time to go back to college, nor could I afford online degrees. I mean, this was all unexpected and we were in the middle of a pandemic, that threw us all for a financial loop. So what did I do? Research.

I went to Google (my know-it-all friend☺️) and searched for free online training or courses, and information on starting a small business. To say that the results were plenty, would be an understatement. But, I did find two resources that I still use today. HubSpot Academy and the SBA (Small Business Association) website. They both are overflowing with free information and training, and provide flexible learning options that fit my lifestyle. I mean, they made up the perfect multi-tool for my entrepreneurship belt.

The SBA website has a learning platform geared toward helping small businesses from idea to inception. There are three outlets for online learning, one, being a general learning platform filled with courses that will help you and your business grow no matter which stage you are at on your small business journey. Another is a more targeted option called Ascent, for women interested in starting or growing their small business. You also have the option of using their Development Programs geared toward education and training. All outlets are helpful, but Ascent was my go-to for information and small business guidance.

HubSpot is my absolute favorite platform for learning and gaining your certifications in order to advance your career. Their platform is home to a multitude of courses and certifications spanning from SEO Basics to Writing. If you need to learn and, like me, you are starting a business, managing a family, and juggling life, you need a flexible schedule, then HubSpot is the place for you. What makes this my number one go-to for learning is that you get free unlimited access to all learning materials. Plus there is also has a great community, that are all on their learning journeys as well. So you are not alone. I could keep going on about this platform, but I invite you to check it out for yourself.

The journey to entrepreneurship, for me, at this time, was unexpected but the tools I just shared with you have helped me tremendously. So I encourage you to take the time needed to learn, research, do the work, and follow the steps necessary for your business to have wonderful odds of success.


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